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Do you need an artwork spec sheet?

Updated: May 22

Importance of Artwork Spec Sheet

What is an Artwork Spec Sheet?

OK. So you have designed your fashion collection and have chosen some awesome prints to pair with your garments. When it comes to sending your artwork to print, an Artwork Specification Sheet comes in handy because it provides the following information to your chosen supplier or manufacturer:

  •  How the final print will look on a garment (this is where CADS and mockups come in handy)

  •  What the repeat tile should look like

  •  The exact dimensions of the repeat tile

  •  How many colours are required (if it's a screen print)

  •  The exact colour codes (such as Pantone TCX or TPG)

So why do we need it?

Basically, by having an Artwork Specification Sheet, you are making sure the strike-off (printed fabric sample) is as accurate as possible! Without it, you risk having to pay for mistakes such as incorrect scale or incorrect colour.

Often I find that sending off your digital art file and a copy of your Artwork Specification Sheet is enough - but if you really want, you can also send a physical printout via mail. This is not strictly necessary but can be great for those who prefer the artwork to match either a paper printout of the print or physical fabric samples.

As a guide, please see the following examples below:

Spec Sheet Example

Spec Sheet Example

Do you need help creating an Artwork Specification Sheet?

You can download my FREE template here! (I use Adobe Illustrator) - OR you can also design your own by using any design software available such as Canva, Excel, Google Sheets or Adobe Illustrator.

Have any further questions about Artwork Specification Sheets?

Email me at and I can help.

Happy designing!




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