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Textile Print Design for Fashion and Lifestyle Brand

Explore beautifully bold textile print designs for fashion and lifestyle brands. 

Introducing bespoke textile designs

Have you ever strolled past a shop and immediately fell in love with a garment because of the print? That's the magic of on-trend artwork, and it's exactly what I can bring to your products. With a passionate freelance textile designer by your side, expect personalized designs that breathe life into your brand, making it stand out effortlessly. 

Let's collaborate on creating bespoke textile designs that tell captivating stories, connecting with your audience and turning them into passionate fans and collectors.

Bespoke Textille Design for Fashion and Lifestyle Brand
Bold Textille Prints for Fashion and Lifestyle Brand


Let's create together!

Custom Print Design Service


Are you hoping to collaborate with a passionate and experienced textile designer? Request a bespoke, unique and custom print tailored to your brand.

Exclusive fashion print and textile designs printed on silk fabrics


Looking for something special? Explore my library of exclusive print designs that are ready to print on fabrics, home furnishings and lifestyle products.

CAD, Colour Indexing Consultant and Colour Matching Expert


I can be your go-to design team! Let me know if you need assistance with CAD, colour indexing, colour matching or reworking vintage prints. 

Screenshot-2024-04-18-at-1.05.45 PM.jpg
Custom Textille Prints for Fashion
Custom Textille Prints for Fashion
Custom Textille Prints for Fashion

Why work with me?

    Let's tailor your designs specifically to your brand's DNA, ensuring they align perfectly with your aesthetic and target audience.
    Let's work together to create one-of-a-kind prints that set your products apart from competitors who may be using mass-produced designs.
    I'm here to help foster a collaborative experience to ensure your creative vision is fully realised.
    By choosing to work with me, you're supporting independent creativity and craftsmanship, contributing to a more vibrant and diverse design community!
    When you commission custom designs from me, you will have full ownership and control over the intellectual property rights, allowing you to use the designs exclusively for your brand.

Meet the designer

Hey there, I'm Carolyn, but you can call me Caz. I'm a freelance illustrator and textile print designer dedicated to bringing your creative vision to life.


Bright florals and expressive brush strokes form a part of my unique and distinctive handwriting. I love to experiment with a variety of hand-drawn techniques and am inspired by nature, vintage textiles, and bold colour palettes.


Join me in transforming your ideas into wearable works of art that resonate with your customers!

Carolyn Quan, Freelance Illustrator and Textile Print Designer
Watercolour florals on dark ground, surface pattern design by Carolyn Quan

"I found her approach to promoting her work to be extremely educational and I liked that she was willing to impart knowledge. While working with Carolyn on a specific job, I really enjoyed the process. Communication was key to getting the brief right and Carolyn knew exactly just what questions to ask to ensure she extracted enough information to be able to start the creative process. Carolyn has a wonderful talent for textile design, customer service and attention to detail. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Carolyn and have no hesitation in recommending her services.

- Nicole


Carolyn Quan Design Services and Pricing Guide

Download my guide!

Ready to dive deeper? Get your hands on my FREE Services and Pricing guide and explore how my bespoke print designs can amplify your brand's unique story.

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Are you ready to turn your vision into reality?

Reach out now to kickstart our creative collaboration. I can't wait to hear more about you and your project.

Mock Painting by Carolyn Quan

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